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Review of ICO - Muzika background music world

abeni taiwo

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About the project

What is Muzika

Muzika is a progressive coin economy that will reshape the global digital track industry. From a number of sides, Muzika revolutionized the track enterprise by using building an impartial and proper digital music ecosystem that will:

1. Eliminating pointless intermediaries,

2. Empower musicians and consumers,

3. Decentralize the electricity of distribution, and

4. Restoring the monetary stability of distribution among market participants.

"Music washed away the dust soul of everyday life."

Music is the key to the heart and spirit of moving strong emotions in people. Music triggers emotions either by extreme passion or longing for loved ones. When you hear a wonderful music melody, you melt like a piece of sugar in tea, as it puts you in the dream far out of the clouds and beyond the world of vast imagination where souls are confused and calm. Reduce the fatigue and anxiety of life.

The world has changed, as mankind enters the new millennium, the whole new geography has been shaped by ways of communication and communication.

With the advent of globalization, we now live in a world where we are all neighbors, thanks to the social networks and the development of web content. The new generation then has a new way of communicating, forcing companies, traders, investors and public relations professionals to sell their products and ideas in new and different ways to consumers and consumers. Their potential.

Online businesses have become the cheapest, simplest and most direct way to promote and sell products. It has been downgraded to exclusive advertising time in television commercials or weekly magazine pages or daily newspaper editions, a new way to effectively advertise a product is, of course, from the web platform.

It is important to note that the web and online are definitely pointing to other objects with conventional means. It's a generation issue, some studies suggest that people over 50 still consume more conventional media, and those under 30 are almost exclusively consuming new platforms, and it's towards them that Ads directed to sites like YouTube or Instagram.


The same as Muzika mentioned in this article will change the digital industry all over the world. In some respects, Muzika has revolutionized the tracking business by using an appropriate and unbiased digital music ecosystem.


How will Muzika revolutionize the music industry?

Muzika builds an ecosystem driven by artists and fans who are loyal to their dedication and dedication to the creation and consumption of music.

For fans:

Fans will be rewarded for various community events (e.g., sharing, for example) with loyalty points that will be converted into MZK coins. Fans can use MZK coins to sponsor their favorite artists, help them and get exclusive benefits, such as the chance to enjoy premium products, services and funding. rights. Experience the everyday life of your favorite artists and take part in the creative process of a piece of music.

For artists:

Unlike social media platforms such as Facebook, the user base in Muzika will not only function in social events (such as commenting or sharing), but may also fund the technology. I love it. they like it.

The Muzika ecosystem will also include production support to create music albums that allow you to create music without having to apply for a label. A large user base and integration with popular platforms, such as Mapia, will help to consume larger artist content and be rewarded for their work.

In addition, the Muzika platform will provide community-based programs and events, such as contests, contests, and live streaming events, which will help new artists create and name them. .

Muzika token information






The MUZIKA tokens will transform the music industry around the world, while promoting underground artists through the use of blockchain technology.

Currently I have a group of over 10,000 members and I will introduce this project to them because I find it very potential. You can follow me and accompany this project offline. Thank you

for more information visit the following links:

WEBSITE : https://www.muzika.network/

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/muzikaofficial/

whitepaper : https://www.muzika.network/assets/mzk-whitepaper-en. pdf

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/muzika_official

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/muzikanews/

TELEGRAM : https://t.me/muzika_english

Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1460674

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