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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ

Eternalcoin thе fіrѕt mobile crypto trading card game token


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The release of our token (EIS) is based on the Ethereum platform and meets all modern standards. Based on the ETH platform, EIS will be available to purchase on various crypto-currency exchanges and also within our own, Eternal Inc gaming ecosystem, Using blockchain technology, and our personal gaming ecosystem, we will easily be able to integrate our platform into other third-party services.


Eternal Wars TCG Card Game

Eternal Wars is a trading card game that is currently in its second year. Eternal Wars is currently available for download on iOS and Android devices. Eternal Wars is a fast-paced multiplayer real-time action game, featuring amazing card art and an active community. Join the battlefield as a faction of 18 players, and conquer game modes like Clash of the Titans, Rise of the Gods, and Battle Royale. With our fast-paced player to player arena battles, endless raids, dungeon and faction wars, there is a game mode for everyone.

Name: EIS Token
Type: ERC20
Symbol: EIS
Total Issue: 500,000,000 EIS


What are the Benefits of EIS Token Holders?

For Customers

Constant Growth in Value

Eternal Inc. will be expanding our communities, and constantly releasing new products and services for our user base. Through these new ventures we seek out, the demand for EIS will grow grow higher, therefore ensuring constant growth.


Protection against scammers

With our high-end developers and our personal payment system, it integrates the API from popular crypto payment services, you can be confident, fast and legal.


Eternal Inc Ecosystem

Tokens from the crowdsale, or a prominent method of payment for the goods and services. Our personal ecosystem will be fueled by the EIS tokens, and future ecosystem development will be as well.


EIS Open Marketplace

Eternal Inc. will implement a marketplace for the ecosystem, fueled by EIS. The eternal marketplace will be open to all users, and everyone can sell their in-game items for EIS, and buy other items.

Easy Payments

In the external ecosystem, we will introduce our personal wallets, where users can hold their EIS in, as well as their in-game items.


Personal Privacy

For our ICO (Initial Coin Offering), users will be completely safe and hidden from other users, making sure that the investor’s privacy is kept.


For Participants ICO

Experienced the team

We have team members from all walks of life, with, that have come together to build a masterpiece of a gaming product.


Token Growth

Our EIS tokens will be constantly growing, in price and usage. And we are looking for one of the biggest, blockchain based game development companies.


Existing Business

A big problem with current projects is the lack of an existing business model or plan. A lot of these projects will never even get off the ground. At Eternal Inc., we’ve been running successful for several years, and have established ourselves, and generated constant revenue in the past years.


Why are we raising funds?

In previous years, there have been multiple ICO’s looking to raise absurd amounts of money, but I have no use for the money. Eternal Inc. has been chosen to ICO, due to it’s entrance into the blockchain industry, and we want to accelerate the development process of our next 2 games.


What will funds be used for?

Our biggest usage of our ICO funds will be used towards game development, new art, and animations, as well as PR marketing. For a full breakdown of costs, you can see the graph below.


ICO & sale


Distribution of released tokens


Milestones of the Project Development

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