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Проходим квиз от EARNATHON на 20 usd монет ENA

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Проходим квиз от EARNATHON

1. Регистрируемся по ссылке -   https://earnathon.com/signup?ref=kfehf90
2. Проходите первый курс который состоит из 4 уроков, за который собственно и дадут монетки.

Q1: One of these is not a challenge of the Barter system?
A:: Absence of foreign exchange crisis.

Q2: What is a cryptocurrency? ?
A:: It's a digital assets that can be transferred across borders without banking facilities

Q3: The word cryptocurrency is derived from two words which are??
A:Cryptography & Currency

Q4: A research paper was published detailing how bitcoin works by someone or groups of people known as Satoshi Nakamoto. What year was it published? ?
A4: 2008

Рекомендую пройти, вывод будет доступен после листинга.


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