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Cryptoexchange accounts with balance

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We provide a service for the purchase of accounts of crypto-exchanges with a blocked balance and blocked accounts with a balance of these platforms: Bitfinex; LocalBitcoins; EXMO; Bitzlato; Bitpapa; Binance; Paxful; Localcryptos.


Minimum account balance for sale:

With verification - from $ 10,000

Without verification - from $ 1,000.

We will buy your account if it is slightly less than the required balance.

Origin of funds: does not matter.


We do not work with stolen accounts.

You will need to provide the following:

- Drop contact (the one who verified the account). If the drop is lost, then in some cases we will accept the scans of the drop.

- Mail.

- Account.


Before starting the deal, ask "me" to write you a message on the forum. There have been cases of SCAM, so check contacts.


Contact me:

Telegram: @SOL_Buys 


P. S. : Написал на английском, так как русский и иностранец поймут текст. Если напишу на русском, иностранец не поймёт.

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